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Hearing and your brain - What can go wrong

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Dr. Fisher explains the connection between hearing and brain processing. ...

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up - Hearing and balance with Dr. Sarah Schwartzer

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Hearing Health Center's Dr. Sarah Schwartzer, an audiologist and balance specialist, offers this informative video that explains the link between good hearing and balance.

Balance disorders are very difficult to diagnose and treat because there is often more than one underlying cause. Determining the cause of the problem is essential for finding the right treatment plan.

Treatment plans are designed for each individual patient based on history, diagnostic findings, and functional limitations caused by the balance disorder:

+ Balance re-training – Exercises to improve coordination of muscle responses in various situations.

+ Habituation – Exercises to resolve the brain/inner ear conflict and help the brain adapt.

+ Visual/Motor Training – Exercises to strengthen and stabilize gaze and eye/head coordination.

+ Eply Maneuver – Head and neck positional changes, performed by the doctor, to reinsert the displaced ear crystals causing dizziness.

Statistics show that 30% of adults over age 65 fall each year, and 5% of them die.

Don't become a statistic.

Consider starting your journey to better hearing with a free hearing evaluation test at

You don’t hear with your ears!

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Untreated hearing loss makes you up to 500% more likely to develop dementia. Watch this video to learn how a simple hearing test can can slow or stop the progression of dementia.

Our panel shares their thoughts about hearing loss and family members, and how they commit to bringing their parents to Hearing Health Center for a hearing evaluation appointment.

We encourage you to take this first step for you and your family.

It’s all about blood flow!

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Your ears are the gateway to your heart. Researchers believe that early cardiovascular problems can be detected by testing your hearing first.

Hearing Health Center Audiologist Dr. Robert Risley offers this video that looks at how your hearing can affect your heart health.

+ Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the US.
+ Over 61,000 people die each year from heart disease.
+ One American per minute will die of these complications.

Cardiovascular disease is a disease of the heart and blood vessels. Many of the problems surrounding heart disease are a direct result of a condition called atherosclerosis in which plaque builds up on the arteries, narrowing the arterial path, making it harder for blood to flow through the veins, arteries and ultimately bodily organs. The inner ear is extremely sensitive to blood flow. If blood flow is inadequate, interrupted or the vessels suffer a trauma, the result can be damage to the inner ear nerves, negatively impacting a person’s ability to hear. In fact, the nerves in the inner ear as so fragile that Harvard researchers believe they may be the first organ affected by cardiovascular disease. In essence, hearing loss may be one of the earliest indicators of heart disease.

Visit to learn more about this important link and set-up a free hearing evaluation to start your journey to better hearing health.

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