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Dr. Ning Jing


Dr. Ning Jing, Au.D, FAAA, received his Master’s Degrees in both Audiology and Education from the University of Cincinnati. He later earned his doctorate degree in Audiology from Salus University of Pennsylvania in 2006. As an experienced clinical audiologist, he was trained and has practiced at the University of California at San Francisco, University of Chicago Hospitals, Mercy Hospital in Chicago, and private physician’s offices. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.

In Dr. Jing’s words: “Some of life’s greatest joys come in the simplest forms—gatherings with friends, a walk through the neighborhood, or the sound of your child’s laughter. These joys need not and should not be diminished due to clarity issues, speech processing issues, or dizziness.”

Dr. Jing is committed to helping his patients regain and maintain these simple joys of life. His goal is to treat each patient as his family and provide them with the most accurate diagnosis and appropriate amplification to help them hear as well as possible.

Dr. Jing finds it very rewarding when his patients begin to enjoy their lives again with amplification. He states that one of the most rewarding things is to see children benefit and grow with the help of amplification. One patient was from a new immigrant family and was very difficult to test. After spending time with her and completing the diagnosis, Dr. Jing was able to help her with amplification and FM systems. Now she is very happy with her school and her English is improving. Dr. Jing says, “Seeing her smiling face is so rewarding for me.”

When not at Hearing Health Center treating patients, Dr. Jing enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Dr. Jing has been with Hearing Health Center since May 2004, and practices in our Naperville office.

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