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Hearing Aids or Earbuds? Yes, they’re Both

Exclusive first showing of Active from Signia


Why didn’t someone ever invent this before—an intuitive, high-tech hearing aid in the form of an earbud, and just as easy to use. They’ve never been shown anywhere before and you can be the first to try them out. READ MORE >>

They suit active as well as relaxed lifestyles—and are ideal as a starter or back-up pair. Wear them all day, or pop them in and out as needed. They have Bluetooth-connectivity, so you can listen to your music, radio or TV, use them on them on the phone or on a Zoom meeting. Any way you use them, you’ll get brilliant sound!

They have the features of the most advanced hearing aids: motion sensors that automatically adjust them to your environment, and advanced noise reduction to tune out background sounds. They’re rechargeable, of course, and you can even recharge them on the go with the pocket-size charger.


One step to secure the date and time you want at any office


Now, when you click the green bar BOOK AN APPOINTMENT on our web site you can schedule your date, time and office in a minute or two. Follow the simple prompts, select the office you want to visit and make your choices from a selection of availabilities. You will promptly receive an email or call from us to confirm your appointment and to gather any more information, if needed. 48 hours prior to your appointment, you will receive a text and email reminder. It’s new, it’s easy and it’s fast! 

Lyric 4.0 Test Event at all offices. Experience new level of invisible perfection.


Lyrics are the only truly invisible hearing aids, and thousands of Hearing Health Center patients wear them with complete satisfaction. The latest 4.0 technology makes them “the best Lyrics yet” in the words of long-time wearers like legendary newsman Walter Jacobson. The greatest appeal for him, besides the fact that absolutely nobody can tell they’re in his ears, is that Lyrics can stay in place 24/7 for months at a time without coming out for any reason—even to change batteries. READ MORE >>


The smart way to keep the newest hearing technology within your reach!

Starting at $129.74/month

Five Convenient Chicago Hearing Treatment Locations

Chicagoland’s Most Trusted Audiologists

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Magnificent Mile
142 E. Ontario St., Ste 1100


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Fox Run Square, #103
1212 South Naper Blvd


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Oakbrook Prof. Bldg.
120 Oakbrook Center, Ste 709


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Crossroads Shopping Ctr.
185 Skokie Valley Road


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Presence Resurrection Med. Ctr.
7447 West Talcott #360


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The Revolutionary Lyric™ Hearing Aid Will Change Your Life!

100% Invisible
Clear, Natural Sound
No Daily Hassle
No Batteries to Change

Lyric is the world’s only 100% invisible, extended-wear hearing device you can wear 24/7.

How to Insert and Remove a Lyric Hearing Aid (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Health:

By Dr. Ronna Fisher

  • The sole purpose of your outer ear is to collect sound. It sends the sound down your ear canal to your eardrum. The eardrum starts to vibrate which causes the 3 bones (the 3 smallest bones in your body) in your middle ear to vibrate. The vibrations are transferred to your inner ear where millions of tiny hair cells respond and send the information to your brain. Your brain then processes and makes sense of the information it received.

Insights on Hearing Issues


The Link Between Heart Issues and Hearing Loss

The American Heart Association reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women, with nearly 787,000 deaths in the United States linked to heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases in 2018 or 1 in 3 people. For women, cardiovascular disease ranks as the number 1 killer, resulting in more deaths than all forms of cancer. These statistics alone push cardiovascular disease to the top of the list for America’s most serious health issue…


Learn About the Seven Serious Health Risks and What You Can Do About Them…NOW

By Dr. Ronna Fisher

Our informative Ebook, “Hearing’s Seven Hidden Risks…” has been shaped and developed over 35-years of improving the lives of our patients.  We’ve released our major findings and recommendations in this important guide to help understand risk factors to improve your hearing and your overall health.

If you care about your health, you should download “Hearing’s Seven Hidden Risks” now.

We guarantee you a life-changing experience!

Hearing Risks Ebook

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