How do I know if I’m really having hearing issues?

Because you’re not deaf and can actually hear okay, sometimes it’s difficult to know if there’s really a problem. Remember, most people with hearing problems hear fine; they just don’t understand…the voices aren’t clear. That’s why it takes so long to recognize that you really have a significant hearing issue, even though your spouse, kids, and friends have been telling you for years.

  • You know someone is talking, but you don’t understand what they’re saying.
  • You accuse your spouse, kids, co-workers, or friends of mumbling. You hear fine…they just don’t speak clearly.
  • You have no difficulty understanding when you are in a quiet room with one person, facing one another.
  • You have trouble understanding some people in a group (4 or more).
  • You have difficulty understanding someone from another room.
  • It is especially hard to understand what people are saying when there’s a lot of background noise.
  • You don’t always hear the movie, play, pastor/rabbi clearly. You miss the punch line of the joke.
  • You prefer the TV louder than those watching with you.
  • Find yourself saying, “what?” “Huh?” “Pardon me?” “Could you repeat that?”

Two or more YES answers indicate a possible hearing deficit. Early detection and treatment is essential to preserve brain processing. You should have a baseline hearing checkup.

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