Hearing Aid Remotes


Hearing aid remote controls used to be simple. They were controls to change hearing aid programs and volumes. With the development of new technology, these simple devices evolved into a variety of devices which extend the benefit of hearing aids.

A simple remote control can be used to adjust the hearing aid volume or change the program settings in a hearing aid. This remote is useful when you prefer to make these changes discreetly, or if the hearing aid itself does not have a control button due to the small size of the aid. More sophisticated remote controls can tell the hearing aids to focus in a specific direction, hence improve hearing in a noisy situation.

Remote controls may have streaming capability. This kind of remote control can pair with your hearing aids and a cell phone. Once they are connected, calls from the cell phone will be sent directly to your hearing aids, as well as any other Bluetooth device.

A streamer can also connect hearing aids with a TV or a land line phone through an adapter. Many patients reported difficulty hearing the TV; streaming the sound from TV directly to the hearing aids will help you hear the TV better.

A streamer paired with a remote microphone will help the hearing aid user to hear a specific speaker in noisy environments or in distance.

Remote controls can be a great advantage for a patient’s specific needs. Patients should talk to their audiologist to decide whether a remote or streaming device can help them be more involved in the world around them!

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