Everything you wanted to know about batteries!

Batteries- RayovacIn order for your hearing aid to work properly, you need- you guessed it!- a quality hearing aid battery. Many of our patients have asked to learn more about batteries; below are our informational tidbits and FAQs.



Throw away dead batteries. They do not spontaneously regenerate!

Are there different types of batteries?

  • There are two different types of hearing aid batteries: zinc-air (disposable) and rechargeable batteries. Most hearing aids still utilize zinc-air disposable hearing aid batteries as rechargeable batteries are just starting to gain popularity.
  • Helpful tip: Zinc-air batteries are activated when the factory seal sticker is removed. Wait at least one minute after you remove the sticker to place the battery in your hearing aid- this will allow the battery to fully activate.

How will I know when to change my batteries?

  • Most hearing aids have a beeping signal to tell you when your battery is about to die. However, if you notice that the sounds you are hearing are distorted or if you need to raise the volume more than normal, that could also be a good indication that it’s time to change your batteries.
  • Always try to carry an additional battery with you if you are out and about!

How long should my batteries last?

  • Every hearing aid user has a different lifestyle and experience, so there is no hard and fast rule of how long your batteries will last. A good rule of thumb is the following:
    • Size 10 (yellow label): 3-5 days
    • Size 312 (brown label): 5-7 days
    • Size 13 (orange label): 6-14 days
    • Size 675 (blue label): 9-20 days
  • If you feel like you are running through batteries more quickly than you should be, there are several factors that can lead to battery drain; chief among them are moisture, wearing time, and remote usage. You can read more here.

Can I do anything to extend my battery life?

  • When not in use at night, open your hearing aid battery door (pro-tip: also use a drying unit overnight to cut down on moisture found in your hearing aids!)
  • Make sure to store your batteries at room temperature (heat and humidity can cut down on battery life!)


Have a question about your hearing aid batteries that we didn’t address? Leave us a comment- we’re here to help!

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