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Hearing Health Center has 4 convenient, state of the art, offices located in the Chicagoland Area. If you're ready to take the next step in improving your hearing, so are we. Please call to schedule an appointment at any of the locations below.  
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Understand Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a complex issue. Hearing Health Center wants to help you understand this issue.

Meet the Staff: Dr. Ronna Fisher Au.D.

Dr. Fisher Au.D. has been practicing Audiology for over 27 years. She graduated with a Master of Science in Audiology in 1977 from the University of Pittsburgh. At the time of her graduation, laws prohibited audiologists from dispensing or selling hearing instruments. Most hearing healthcare practitioners found themselves working for ear doctors or hospitals performing hearing tests and referring 95% of their patients with hearing loss to a hearing aid dealer. MORE ABOUT OUR DOCTORS
I now hear very well. I tell everyone that this was the best thing I have done. If you need hearing help go to HHC.
Donald Giehler
I am so very thrilled with Dr. Jing. I thought my batteries were dying so I replaced them. After replacing them I still heard the same. I thought I was stuck with that level of hearing. When I came in Dr. Jing did some adjusting and reprogramming. I have never heard better. He did a […]
Marjorie Beeler
OUTSTANDING! Everyone at the Hearing Health Center treats me like a family member. I gloat to others with a hearing disability that they must go to the Hearing Health Center! I tell others that if they want to have their hearing returned back to normal or close to normal, make an appointment at the Hearing […]
Patrick O’Connell
Sounds have become clearer; speaking, listening, and understanding have all improved. So has my confidence at social meetings. I would encourage all in need to make an appointment.
Rodney Stuart Bell
After trying other hearing doctors, I found Hearing Health Center to help me with tinnitus and limited hearing in my left ear. I am so thankful I found them. The doctors at HHC are extremely knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. In my opinion, there are no better people for your hearing health than those at Hearing […]
Larry Bensky
All of [the staff] are superb! I met the owner who uses a hearing aid. She understands a hearing impaired persons problems. They are a great organization!
Charles Cooper
Now that I know I can hear, the only ‘problem’ that remains for me is continuing to learn how to hear. I’ve spent most of the last 23 days going through Hearing Health Center’s step-by-step guide to adjusting to my new hearing aid. That book – written by Hearing Health Center staff – is worth […]
Charlie Dennis
I would highly recommend Lyric and Hearing Health Center. Lyric is a wonderful upgrade: natural sounding, long battery life (no longer have to change batteries), low maintenance, easy to operate, the sleep mode function is a plus, no feedback on phone. Great!!!
Gary Michielsen
The Hearing Health Center experience was EXCELLENT! The staff was very caring and understanding of my situation! Always there when I have any problems with my hearing or hearing devices. I always recommend Hearing Health Center when anyone asks me about my hearing devices. My friends and family are very impressed because they didn’t even […]
Florian C. Dziedzic
It is the one doctor’s office I always feel better leaving. It is a friendly family feeling. I would highly recommend the Hearing Health Center! Hearing Health Center is the Mayo Clinic for hearing.
Vera Muldoon
Not only did the Hearing Health Center bring sound to life, they also brought me peace of mind and comfort to know I can really hear again. We were so fortunate to find Dr. Jing. He worked with me to find the best answer to my problem. Also, it was so nice to be greeted […]
James Grossman
Superb Choice! Technology is extremely current. Dr. Fisher continues to make adjustments as needed. I went to another audiologist previously and none were as knowledgeable as Dr. Ronna Fisher.
Faith Salzstein
I can’t imagine better attention to my hearing at any other facility than Oak Brook, IL. Thank you.
Jim Norris
Results of my test indicated that I had a loss is each ear and was a candidate for aids. No wonder, that as I aged, it became more and more stressful to function in certain settings. I had begun to withdraw socially from my friends and family. Everyone seemed to be tired of repeating themselves […]
Josephine Harvey-Bogues
It made a tremendous difference in my balance, speaking ability, the opportunity to talk to people more, and carry on conversations that were meaningful and important. My experience with the Hearing Health Center was first class and awesome customer service. Compared to other facilities I’ve been at, Oak Brook Hearing Health Center is the top.
Loren Thomas
The hearing analysis was very thorough and, as a result, my hearing aids have made a positive difference in my life.
Margaret Boss
Because of the outstanding professional care that I have received from you and everyone there at the Hearing Health Center I feel compelled now to write to you in order to express my regard and my appreciation for the wonderful work you are doing on behalf of so many of us who have suffered from […]
Marv Levy, Coach of 4 Time Superbowl Champ
My new hearing aids literally have transformed my life. I had been struggling with other hearing aids for the past two years, with continuing discomfort and frustration. My new aids provide me with greatly improved, natural sounds. It is no longer a strain to hear others speaking to me. In addition, these hearing aids are […]
Rabbi Michael Sternfield
Excellent! Any time I call, my problem is addressed immediately. Ashley St. Peter is a wonderful audiologist! I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful service she has offered me.
Joyce Lyon
Congratulations on your recognition in Advance for Audiologists magazine! I really enjoyed reading your profile. You must find it incredibly rewarding to know how you truly change people’s lives. Fix my husband so we can turn the TV down now! Thanks for everything.
Speaking and relating to people is my life. I couldn’t do it if I couldn’t hear. Thank you Dr. Fisher and the Hearing Health Center for keeping me in the game
Bob Love 3 Time NBA All Star
Once again, I must tell you how grateful I am for all your years of helping me hear better. Ronna, you will never know how much your kind support to confidently wear hearing aids has meant to me. You will forever be a beacon of hope in my life.
Peggy Blandford
I am ever so happy with the audiologist, support staff and follow up. It couldn’t be better (and I have 20 years of experience at the other place). The “front” people are friendly and welcoming. There is even coffee. Especially beneficial is having a gal like Calla Lopez, who can take care of small problems […]
Sharon Elzaurdia
My hearing loss is severe- but my new aid has helped a great deal! Everyone there was professional and very friendly!
Frank Ehmann
There are no words I can write that could explain how I feel, because of the fact that I can hear. I am hearing sounds I have never heard. I can now attend church and understand and hear the message. That is why, with tears in my eyes, I repeatedly said…I can hear…I can hear.
Renee Matthews
It is so much easier to hear my family & friends speaking. Hearing better and clearer makes my life more enjoyable and pleasant. I no longer need to ask “what did you say?” Dr. Jing is very thorough in explaining what I need to know. He is patient and concerned that my hearing aids are […]
Christine Lovero
This is just a note to thank you for such superb service. My new hearing aids are so well matched, and the clarity is so good, that I have had little adjustment to a situation which was refreshingly new to me.
Karl Eisenberg
I would strongly advise them to go to the Hearing Health Center in Highland Park and to request Dr. Corey Bugg, Au.D., CCC-A. At the request of my wife I made an appointment for a hearing test with Dr. Corey Bugg at the Highland Park office. Dr. Bugg took the time to test my hearing […]
Peter Schmitz
Dr. Streid & Dr. Houston were very professional, helpful, informative and positive. They took the time to explain, allow you to ask questions, and encourage you & your positive energy to make this choice in your life. The entire staff was delightful! If you want an enjoyable day with encouraging friends, take time & call the Hearing […]
Donna Muszynski
Within minutes you further and more accurately diagnosed my hearing problem. Still within minutes you put the newest, latest and greatest hearing aids on me and voila, I heard you whispering from far behind me and I all of the sudden was listening at a level I had not enjoyed for some time.
Robert Pick, DDS
Very helpful and caring. Dr. Streid is wonderful. At the follow up they did an adjustment for volume and loud situations which is just terrific. I don’t feel like I am even wearing them.
Sheila Lynch
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful my Hearing Devices have been! Prior to getting these hearing aids, it was extremely difficult to carry on a conversation and conduct these meetings. Since I received them, there has been an enormous improvement in my ability to conduct meetings successfully and also enjoy […]
Nick Brown
This is the best place to go and get checked out. The doctors are the best, as well as the staff. They care and they LISTEN! My doctor, Dr. Streid, is the sweetest, most compassionate doctor I’ve ever met.
Nancy Giampietro
I hear things now that I didn’t know made sounds! i.e.- the “clicking” sound of my computer keys! My experience with Dr. Streid was wonderful! She was so understanding and empathetic that I thought she might be hearing impaired! She was respectful of our budget needs, and tried very hard to make them (the hearing […]
Christina McPheeters
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