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Dr. Michael C. Mangini

Ph.D., Hearing Instrument Specialist

Dr. Michael C. Mangini

Ph.D., Hearing Instrument Specialist

For over two decades, Dr. Michael Mangini, Ph.D. was immersed in how our senses and our brain connect us to the world and to each other. While investigating brain function at MIT, and teaching at the University of Notre Dame and Concordia College, he focused on how individuals can meet and overcome their challenges. 


The desire to change the lives of those he touches led him to Audiology. “Humans, unlike other animals, communicate thoughts and ideas. They share stories, tell jokes, and relate via the spoken word. When your hearing is compromised, communicating is difficult or impossible. It affects your entire life, and the lives of everyone around you.”


Dr. Mangini personally experienced the many issues and concerns associated with hearing loss. His son, Jack, had recurring ear infections that affected his hearing and ability to understand speech. “Jack was starting kindergarten and my research showed that the most important activity Jack does every day is listen. Ninety percent of what a child learns is through his sense of hearing. I’m not always proactive with medical interventions, but I was totally involved with the doctors and teachers.” It paid off, Jack is flourishing in school, with his friends, and at home.


In his free time, Michael experiments with the latest electronics. He even designed a system that he hopes will help the visually impaired and infants with hearing loss.


“I am so lucky to be working at Hearing Health Center. They are known for always being on the cutting edge of technology and for doing anything and everything that might help improve the lives of everyone who comes for help.”


Dr. Mangini divides his time between the Naperville and Oak Brook offices.

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