Travel Tips for Hearing Aid Users

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Taking a trip can be a great time to get away and spice things up a bit with friends and family. When the open road calls and it is time to head out on another grand adventure, you will want to make sure you are prepared for the journey. For people with hearing aids, traveling can be challenging and it is even more necessary to be prepared.

Here are some travel tips to help you out.

STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES:  Bring extra batteries, wax guards, and cleaning supplies. You don’t want to be caught with a dead battery when you are in the middle of your hike to Machu Pichu or have your hearing aid clog with wax moments before a lecture in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities without a replacement filter.

SEE YOUR AUDIOLOGIST/TECHNICIAN BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Coming in for a simple check up can save you aggravation and time in the long run. A deep cleaning from the professional can go a long way to help you avoid troubles when you are in the swamps of New Orleans. Reprogramming may also be necessary so you can hear every drop of rain as it hits the trees in the Amazon rain forests.

PLAN FOR THE LOCATION: If you are going to a moisture/humid rich environment consider purchasing a dry and store. Dry and store units can keep your hearing aid working longer and keep harmful moisture out of the important parts of your hearing aid. If you are traveling to a country that uses a different electricity system than the US consider packing a power converter. If you use rechargeable batteries you may want to consider switching to regular zinc air batteries while you are gone and then switching back when you get home.

SPEAK UP AND ADVOCATE: When you are traveling to a far off location like the cobblestone stone streets of Paris; people will not know that you have a hearing problem or that you wear hearing aids. If you are having trouble hearing a tour guide or something important get to the front and be closer. Don’t be afraid to let the person know that you can’t make out their Parisian accent. Vacations and trips are important, so treat them as such and you will have a better experience.

PRINT AND E-MAIL ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS: Print out boarding passes ahead of time as well as itineraries. Sign up for text and e-mail alerts for notifications. This way when you are in the safari in South Africa you will know that your flight was changed to be one hour later by a notification you read. It is also best to set your phone to vibrate so you will be clear not to miss an important notification when you are climbing the rocks of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Enjoy your trip! If you planned ahead you will be sure to enjoy it that much more.

-Dr. Robert Risley

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