How can I protect my ears in the summer?

It’s finally summertime in Chicago! This means lots of outdoor concerts, long runs along the lake path, and beach time. Summer is a great time to visit your local Audiologist because they can help you make the most of this summer!

Your Audiologist can make you custom earplugs for just about anything. Because they’re totally customized and made specifically for your ears, they’re comfortable in your ears and are made just for you!


  • •Custom earplugs protect your hearing during loud concerts, like  Lollapalooza. This type of earplug can even be made with a filter, so you can still hear the music at a safe volume!
  • •Custom swim plugs prevent water from getting into your ears, so you never have to worry about Swimmer’s ear. Swim plugs are also great for anyone wearing the Lyric (extended wear hearing aid) because you can swim with your hearing aids in your ears!
  • •Custom earbuds are perfect for working out. Because they’re molded to your ear, they never fall out when you run!

Visit your local Audiologist soon to get your ears ready for summer! Make an appointment at HHC today!

-Dr. Laura Buskirk, Au.D.

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