Ear Molds and In-Ear Monitors


We live in a loud world! For many occupations and recreational activities, hearing and ear protection is a necessity. Ear protection comes in several different forms: custom ear molds, foam insert tips, plastic inserts, and muffs. Custom hearing protection inserts are manufactured to fit the individual, providing comfort and years of reliable use. The doctors at Hearing Health Center offer the following solutions:

Hunters/Shooters: There is a variety of custom-fit digital devices made specifically for hunters/shooters based on their individual needs. Hearing protection is essential for hunters/shooters, as the sound of a gunshot is louder than a jet airplane engine, a jackhammer, and dynamite.
Musicians: In-ear monitors for stage and studio
Motorcyclists: Plugs specifically designed with a hollow canal for under helmet use to reduce wind buffeting.
For Music Devices/Mobile Phones: custom-made earphones to use with your mobile phone or music device. They can be wireless (like the new Starkey Bragi) or made to fit on your earbuds.
For Sleep: Earplugs designed to promote uninterrupted rest, in quiet or loud sleeping environments.
For Swimming: Earplugs that prevent moisture from entering the ear canal (which can cause infection). They are optimal for swimming, watersports, and showering.