Protecting Your Hearing Aids in the Summer

Photo of Hearing Health Center audiologist x beachYou’ve invested a great deal of money into your hearing aids to hear well.  You wear them everyday and have grown to actually look forward to putting them in every single morning.

One day, you’re walking along the beach and everything turns silent. Wait, it was just working a second ago. You can no longer hear the waves hitting the coast, birds chirping overhead, or the wind you usually hear brush up on the microphones. You are frustrated. What do you do?

The real question is, what could you have done to prevent this from happening?

Your hearing aids are small devices holding a very complex technology chip inside. They are very susceptible to bacteria and moisture, especially in the summer. Here are simple tips to help you better maintain and protect your hearing aids in the summertime:


  1. You should always try to store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place. It is best not to expose them to extreme heat or direct sunlight.
  2. Due to the humid climate outside, try avoiding exposure to additional moisture, such as wading in the pool or at the beach.
  3. Oil is very bad for hearing aids, especially for behind-the-ear hearing aid receivers (the wires attaching your hearing aid to the tip that goes in your ear). Always make sure your hands are clean when putting on your hearing aids, making sure not to get sunscreen or any oily substance on them. When too much oil builds up on the receivers, your hearing aids could die out fast, or at least gradually.
  4. You should be cleaning your hearing aids routinely – it’s all about maintenance and making sure you’re doing the best that YOU can to keep them in proper and working condition. Bacteria and sweat forms on the hearing aids more often in the summer, so make sure you’re constantly wiping them down with alcohol wipes to sanitize them.
  5. Come in and see an audiologist or technician for cleanings. This way, you’ll know if everything is working as they should be and that they are properly cleaned for you! The problem could just be dead batteries or a plugged up wax guard.
  6. Purchase a dehumidifying unit. Trust me. A dehumidifying unit is used to pull out all the moisture in your hearing aids and dry them overnight. You place your hearing aids in the unit and it does the work for you! Come in and ask about drying units! (Here’s a plus: they also prolong the life of your hearing aids.)


Continue to enjoy the gift of hearing and always try your best to care for your hearing aids with these simple tips!

-Tran Do

Audiology Technician

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