See what our patients are saying!

Dr. Ashley St. Peter with patient Gill Brown

My hearing instruments have made being with family and friends more enjoyable. Life is 1000% better.  -Gill Brown, Highland Park

The staff is outstanding! There is no better place than this. Caring, professional, and very trustworthy. -Francine Martin, Highland Park

Dr. Melissa Mandra helped me to get my joy of life and self confidence back. I am grateful for this every day! To say it was life-changing is an understatement! -Ruta Simas, Naperville

I can now understand what people are saying, I can hear the clock ticking, and I’ve been able to reduce the volume of the TV by about 50%. -James Hamilton, Naperville

I got tired of saying things like “what did you say” and “come again.” Dr. Ning Jing and the whole staff are nice and helpful. -Walter Langdon, Naperville

What I really want to say about my hearing aids:

For several years, I realized I needed hearing aids…to enjoy conversations with friends and family, to hear the dialogue in movies and TV, to enjoy music at concerts, to hear the message at church.

Yet I was reluctant to get hearing aids. So many of my friends wore hearing aids, but had constant problems with voice distortion, with ambient noise, with the level of amplification. They were always “fiddling with” their aids, and all-too-often they were dissatisfied and complaining.

When I reached the state where I could no longer deny my need, I went to Hearing Health Center in Naperville (recommended by my primary physician). From the moment I first wore my aids, it was wonderful! What a great “change of life” for me! I have never looked back. -Sharon Reed, Naperville

I have felt so welcome dealing with Dee at the front desk and Dr. Risley. They are both genuinely caring individuals who never make me feel I am wasting their time. No question is too trivial! I love my daily walks and suddenly I hear birds and insects. When walking on the bike trails I can now hear someone approaching behind me calling the courteous warning: “on your left.” My family is grateful that I now understand them speaking in a normal tone of voice. Wearing a hearing aid has enabled me to join in my group activities at my condo. I feel I am now a safer, more responsible driver. Adjusting to the daily and/or monthly care has been far easier than I had anticipated. It was a life-enriching change. -Jacquelyn Fyr, Oak Brook

This has been the best experience I’ve had in any medical office. Dr. St. Peter has been so helpful and concerned, kind and stops at nothing to make sure I’m happy with these hearing aids. I’d never consider going to anyone else. The office staff is outstanding- relaxed and charming. It’s the only place to consider if you want the best results possible and a respectful comfortable staff. Two of my children have been with me on appointments and agree “you’re the best!” Thank you for your gentle, thorough care! -Katherine Helfrich, Highland Park

It is a very pleasant revelation to once again hear a full range of sounds. I didn’t realize how much I was missing; music, conversation, the sounds of nature. I can’t praise the staff of HHC enough! Dr. St. Peter is very knowledgeable and professional. She is very understanding of how hearing loss can affect quality of life. Appointments, follow-up, insurance, and all office functions are handled with a friendly and professional manner. HHC is probably the best health care provider I have dealt with in recent years. Extremely professional, capable, and friendly. -John Zeravica, Highland Park

Everyone was caring and professional. They took the time to be sure I understood and was comfortable with my hearing aids. Even if you don’t think you have a hearing problem, go to Hearing Health Center and get checked. Even a little problem getting fixed can make a BIG difference in your life. -Luann Hilliard, Oak Brook

I feel as if I have a new lease on life. I never realized how much I was missing. -Corinne Majewski, Oak Brook

I can now participate fully in life- no longer do I need to ask people to repeat what they say- many times I didn’t ask people to repeat and I retired from the conversation. People are now hearing my opinion more often. Every step of this process was first class. I was comfortable with everyone at the hearing center and am so thankful my husband took the time to check out my options and chose HHC for me. I highly recommend the Hearing Health Center to one and all. -Dolores Burdick, Chicago

Everything very cordial, timely, and effective & personal, pleasant and of HIGH VALUE. Complete hearing is so important- Hearing Health Center provides all. -Bert Robins, Chicago