What is Looping?

A hearing induction loop is a system that transmits sound wirelessly to people using hearing aids with telecoils (T-coils). The T-Coils pick up a magnetic field signal, produced by a hidden loop wire, and this signal is then amplified into a high-quality audio signal that is delivered directly into the ear of the hearing aid user. Looped places of worship, auditoriums, theaters, and home TV rooms broadcast their sound through these in-the-ear speakers, allowing people with hearing clarity issues to hear those broadcasted sounds without blasting the volume. Wherever you see this logo, it means that the venue is equipped with a hearing induction loop. hearing-loop-logoWe are very pleased to announce that all of our Hearing Health Center office locations now have looped waiting rooms. Please stop by or call if you would like a demonstration of this technology! For more information about hearing induction looping systems, please click on any the following links:

New York Times: A Hearing Aid that Cuts Out all the Clatter

From our blog: “What is Looping?”

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