LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement)


LACE is a brain retraining program. It is effective for those who wear hearing devices and those who don’t. It is easy to use, takes 20 minutes per day, and tracks your performance and improvement.

Just as physical therapy can help rebuild muscles and adjust movements to compensate for physical weakness or injury, LACE will help you develop skills and strategies to deal with situations when hearing is inadequate. Whether you wear hearing aids, are just acquiring aids, or simply wish to improve your listening skills, LACE training will help you get the most out of the sounds.

Proven benefits of LACE:

LACE® Auditory Training programs retrain the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as:

  • Noisy Restaurants
  • Rapid speakers
  • Competing speakers

The cost of the LACE program is $250 online. Through Hearing Health Center, the cost of the entire LACE program is $100.