Is Ear Wax a Problem for You?


Are you having trouble hearing? You might just have a problem with wax. The best way to find out if you have wax build up is to come in and let us look into your ears with our video otoscope.

Each and every one of us secretes wax in our ears. Wax not only serves to protect the skin in our ear canal, but it provides lubrication, cleaning, and can protect our ear from bacteria, insects, and fungi. For most of use we barely notice the presence of our wax, but for others it can build up without actually removing itself, causing a blockage in our ear canal.

When wax becomes a problem, we have a solution — Ear Wax Removal!
As Audiologists, we are trained in our academic coursework and through specialized wax removal courses. Wax removal can take many forms and is based on the type of wax, build up of wax, and what would be necessary for the easiest removal. Come in and find out if its just wax and get it taken care of at Hearing Health Center with our specialized Audiology team!

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