Harvey Pine, Highland Park (October 7, 2017)

Dear Dr. Ashley:

Here we are in sunny, warm Naples, Florida and I just wanted to type these few lines to you and the rest of the fine folks at the Hearing Center.

I am wearing my new hearing aids almost every day with the exception of when I go into the water or when I am doing heavy landscaping. Now my world here is so different with my hearing aids. I hear the birds singing their melodious melodies, I hear the alligators hissing, I can hear the geckos smacking their lips as they devour the many spiders which are everywhere. I can more readily observe the harmonious winds caressing the palm trees as they magically sway back and forth, and above all I can now experience the new sounds of the gentle ocean waves as they slowly retreat from the warm, sloping sand on our awesome beaches. In summary, I guess I never knew what I was missing until now with my new hearing devices.

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