Chicago Reviews and Testimonials

My children started to complain often and told me it was time for hearing aids. I had already, in the space of 2.5 years, gone to 3 different hearing aid companies. What they would demonstrate sounded really terrible!!! I just felt I wouldn’t get hearing aids until I was going deaf. Then I escorted my elderly friend Ava to pick up her new hearing aids from Hearing Health Center. I was impressed with her treatment and the audiologist. I then knew that, when the time came, I’d try the Hearing Health Center. Once my favorite granddaughter told me I should try hearing aids again, I did. The fact is, once I was tested and they allowed me to experience the hearing aids that same day, I was convinced life would be great. My prescription was perfect. It hasn’t changed and I’m oh-so-happy.
- Margaret Miller, Chicago (May 31, 2017)

I am extremely satisfied with my hearing aids from HHC.  Best of all, the staff was courteous and efficient, and fitted me with the type of hearing aid I wanted- rechargeable and invisible.
- Camille Einoder, Chicago (May 19, 2017)

I got my new hearing aids from Hearing Health Center when I was in town for a concert. I didn't know I could hear like this.
- Roger Daltrey, Chicago (April 2016)

Everything very cordial, timely, and effective & personal, pleasant and of HIGH VALUE. Complete hearing is so important- Hearing Health Center provides all.
- Bert Robins, Chicago (February 6, 2014)

I can now participate fully in life- no longer do I need to ask people to repeat what they say- many times I didn’t ask people to repeat and I retired from the conversation. People are now hearing my opinion more often. Every step of this process was first class. I was comfortable with everyone at the hearing center and am so thankful my husband took the time to check out my options and chose HHC for me. I highly recommend the Hearing Health Center to one and all.
- Dolores Burdick, Chicago (January 23, 2014)

Dr. Ronna Fisher with Marv Levy, NFL Hall of Fame Your patience, your constant updating of better procedures, your willingness to follow up, and the results that I have experienced because of you and your coworkers there has truly improved the quality of life for me and for so many others who have benefited not only from your expertise but from how sincerely you all do care about your patients. You don't just do it the "easy way". You do it the right way! And I am but one of many people who is able to enjoy myself more fully because of what you have done on my behalf.
- Marv Levy, Chicago (November 29, 2011)