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May 16

Binaural Processing

What is binaural processing?

It’s how our ears have been hearing naturally for millennia and is the mechanism by which our ears receive and process auditory information from the world around us – in stereo! Our brains use information from both ears to determine where sound is coming from. So what happens when one of our ears is damaged and suffers from hearing loss? We lose the

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ability to hear in background noise and have difficulty determining where a sound is originating.

This concept has recently been put into state-of-the-art hearing devices! New hearing instruments use a form of binaural

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processing to communicate with each other BEFORE the sound gets passed on – and amplified – to our brains. This translates to better hearing in noise and a better sense of localization for incoming sounds. Patients describe hearing and perceiving sound “in space” as opposed to hearing all sound as “in their head.” This technology also provides a more natural sound quality.

To learn more about binaural processing call Hearing Health Center to schedule a demo today!

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