A washing machine for your hearing aids?!

We are very excited to begin carrying two innovative products in our clinics!


PerfectClean: The PerfectClean is an FDA-approved, revolutionary washing machine for your hearing aids!
  • Removes clogged wax and debris
  • Cleaning solution kills bacteria
  • Removes moisture and perspiration
  • Disinfects and kills viruses and fungus
  • Prevents repairs due to buildup of wax and moisture
  • Helps prevent itching and irritation
  • Increases battery life
  • Maintains peak performance of hearing aids
  • Fast– 60 minute washing and drying cycle
  • Easy– place in socket, close lid, push start


PerfectDry Lux: A small hearing aid dehumidifier, that’s the perfect size for travel!
  • Removes moisture from all types of hearing aids
  • Disinfects and kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus
  • Prevents repairs from moisture corrosion
  • Maintains peak performance of hearing aids
  • Small and compact case
  • Fast– 30 minute drying cycle
  • Easy to use


Visit our shop page or call your local office for more details!

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