Battery Low

Photo of Hearing Health Center audiologist x doctorA new patient got hearing aids where the low battery warning is a verbal “battery low” warning. The patient is a physician and was seeing a patient when he heard “battery low” in his ear, and he turned to his patient and asked, “Did you just say ‘battery low’?”

Confused, his patient replied, “no.” Several minutes later, the doctor again heard “battery low” in his ear and again asked his patient, “Are you hearing someone say battery low?”

Later that day when his hearing aids shut off, he realized that it was his low battery warning and not his patient.

-contributed by Dr. Ashley St. Peter

Make a Left

A patient came in for a hearing test with her husband. She said that she knows it’s time to get help for her hearing because she keeps hearing the wrong thing. She had recently picked up her husband from the train station and they were on their way to work out. She was driving and her husband said “Lets go ahead and make a left right here.” She responded “What did you just say?”

The husband repeated himself and she heard him correctly this time. She said, “Oh my goodness. I thought you said, ‘let’s make love right here!'”

-contributed by Dr. Ashley St. Peter

One Night Stand

A patient went to a gentleman caller’s home and didn’t want him to know she wore hearing aids, so she decided to leave her hearing aids in all night.

She stopped by the office the next day, when all the moisture and humidity from wearing her hearing aids all night caused them to stop working. She purchased a Dry and Store that day, so that she wouldn’t have the same problem again!

-contributed by Dr. Robert Risley